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Looking for Cheap Tyres? Everyone is talking about the great tyre prices at "7 Day Tyres". The article below from Choice Magazine will help you decide on price and performance

Tyres and tyre prices were recently tested by Choice Magazine Test results for 15 car tyres priced from $72 to $207. Tyre prices are recommended retail May/June 2007. Tyre prices can vary widely, so shop around for the models you're interested in — you may be able to find them well below the RRP. See our New Car Tyre Reviews.

Most of them are V-rated for speed but included were some H-rated ones as well. This size is currently used on a number of popular small cars such as the Ford Focus, Holden Astra, Honda Civic, Mazda3 (their test car) and VW Golf. Tyres were checked for:

1. Braking performance in dry and wet conditions.
2. Cornering performance in dry and wet conditions.
3. Noise.

Tyre braking test

Main findings:
Only one model performed just as well in the wet as it did in the dry, The Continental, Priced at $175. Just 5 km/h can make a difference between holding a corner and going out of control.

Brands tested
BF GOODRICH Sport T/A $157
GOODYEAR Ducaro GA $140
KUMHO Solus KH15 (two versions) $186
MICHELIN Energy MXV8 $207
PIRELLI P6000 Powergy $200
CONTINENTAL ContiEcoContact 3 $175
FIRESTONE Firehawk TZ100 $135
BRIDGESTONE Turanza ER592 $168
DUNLOP SP Sport 300E $174
KUMHO Solus KH15 $169
SAVA Intensa $121
TOYO Transas Teo Eco $145
MAXXIS Radial UA-603 $105

The according to Choice, the best buy was the FireStone Firehawk, priced at $135

Firestone Firehawk Tyres

JAXQuickfit Special Offers on 4 x 4 Tyres Prices

205/70R15 $149

BF Goodrich
205/70R15 $159

245/70R16 $255

245/70R16 $260

235/60R17 $255

BF Goodrich
265/70R16 $245

265/70R16 $259

265/70R16 $259

265/65R17 $299

BF Goodrich
LT265/65R17 $319

Price includes fitting, balance, tyre valve, scrap tyre disposal & GST. Offers valid from 1/11/2009 tp 30/11/2009. Offers are subject to availability and may change without prior notice. Check availability and suitability for your vehicle at your local JAXQuickfit store for all
4WD Tyres.

Websites to Check for Current Tyre Prices:

For motorcycle tires we recommend you visit

Bob Jane's Tyre Price Guarantee: (We found this on the Bob Jane Website)

1.You must have bought a tyre advertised in the current Bob Jane T-Marts catalogue from one of our T-Mart locations. The offer does not apply to trade or fleet customers; or to wheels, tyre and wheel packages, batteries, or other goods/services apart from tyres.

2.Within 30 days of buying the tyre/s, you must return to the same store with your proof of purchase (store invoice) and a copy of any current advertisement, which we can verify as selling the identical tyres for a lesser price.

3.The advertisement provided must be current and for the identical tyre (brand, pattern, size, load & speed rated) and be valid within the same State or Territory.

4.Any discounts, rebates, promotions, bonuses, cash back discounts, trade discounts, stock clearance reductions, GST and any other allowances are to be taken into account in ensuring that the price comparison is ‘like for like’. Tyre prices must include fitting, balancing and valves.

5.The Lowest Tyre Price Guarantee is only available once in relation to a specific purchase but where applicable, we shall refund you the difference between the two prices, plus a further 10% of the difference.

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